Thank you Major for planning this litter for us.

I have said many times, that if you are "in dogs" long enough, eveything you say will never happen to you, will happen. We had our first unplanned litter in 1990. This is our second one. I hope we will be blessed for another twenty years without another, but I won't say it will never happen again. We will continue to be careful and manage our dogs to the best of our ability.

Helga was 19 months old and had a silent heat, two months before she was due for her normal heat and since they were together, Major took advantage of the situation.

Ch Nevars Major Payne x Ch Adel Invincible Temerity
Major                                                         Helga (twelve weeks after the puppies)
Puppies whelped June 22, 2010
Clear of VWD and DD (do not carry dilute gene)

CH Whimsy Sneakin Around Temerity "Sneaks" - red male
Whimsy Stolen Moment of Temerity "Lenny" - b/r male
Whimsy Its A Surprise o Temerity "Itsa" - red female
CH Whimsy Dirty Lil Secret Temerity "Tilly" - red female

Sneaks 21 months old                           Tilly 22 months old

Sneaks 12 months old
Tilly 11 months old

Tilly 4 months

Itsa                           Lenny

Sneaks                           Tilly
Eight Weeks Old



Itsa                         Lenny


Sneaks                          Tilly
Six Weeks Old

Tilly and Mom                           I can help

5 weeks old
Please! Pick me up.