AKC Titles Registered Name Date of Birth CHIC CERF or OFA Year(s) Passed OFA Hip OFA Thyroid VWD Dilute DNA* OFA Cardiac
CH Adel Into Wishin of Temerity 9/30/2008 CHIC GRP-383 10,11,12,13, 14 GMP-283G24F-VPI  Good   Clear DNA DD GMP-CA90/14M/C-VPI-ECHO
GCH,CH Adel Invincible Temerity 9/30/2008 CHIC GRP-382 10, spayed GMP-284G24F-VPI  Good   Clear DNA DD GMP-CA91/20F/C-VPI-ECHO
GCH,CH Nevars Cause for Applause Fabala 10/1/2010   GMP-EYE47/27M-VPI 12,13,14 GMP-361E28M-VPI Excellent GMP-TH61/14M-VPI Clear DNA DD GMP-CA163/28M/P-VPI-ECHO
CH Leilani Charismatic Temerity 10/26/2007   GRP-344


CH Nevars Jalila 9/12/2007 CHIC GRP-351 09,10,11,12, 13,14 GMP-269G26F-VPI   Good GMP-TH35/26F-VPI Clear CBP DD GMP-CA65/20F/P-VPI
GCH, CH Nevars Jules 9/12/2007 CHIC GRP-343 08,09,10,11, 12E1, 13E1,14E1 GMP-272G34M-VPI   Good GMP-TH31/14M-VPI Clear DNA DD GMP-CA89/32M/C-VPI
GCH,CH Nevars Okie Dokie Temerity 3/8/2010     11,12     Clear CBP Dd  
* Dilute Factor for Coat Color
DD = Does not carry Dilute Gene
Dd = Does carry Dilute Gene
Other German Pinschers used in our Breeding Program dd = Is Dilute Color
AKC Titles Registered Name Date of Birth CHIC CERF OFA Hip OFA Thyroid VWD Dilute DNA* OFA Cardiac
CH Adel Holiday 8/19/2006   GRP- 202 GMP-238G24F-PI   Good     DD  
GCH,CH Dark Angels Red Aden Energy 3/4/2004 CHIC GRP- 333 GMP-236G52M-VPI   Clear DNA Dd  
CH Dreamcatcher Reign v Adel 1/16/2003 CHIC GRP- 116 GMP-162G24F-PI  Good GMP-TH11/38F-PI Clear DNA DD GMP-CA23/41F/C-PI
CH Flashfire Hilda v Adel 3/11/2004 CHIC GRP- 149 GMP-190E25F-PI   Excellent GMP-TH7/17F-PI Clear DNA Dd GMP-CA16/17F/S-PI
CH Laatain Baron 4/10/1998 CHIC GRP- 316 GMP-227G119M-VPI  Good GMP-TH26/119M-VPI Clear DNA Dd GMP-CA52/121M/P-VPI-ECHO
CH Nellinda Hangzhou 12/18/2001 CHIC GRP- 322 Foreign Hip     INT-B   Clear DNA DD  
CH Nevars Major Payne 4/4/2009   GRP- 387 Pre-Lim GMP-TH43/14M-VPI Clear CBP DD GMP-CA90/14M/C-VPI-ECHO
CH Spirit N the Sky at Flashfire 9/6/2006   GRP- 342 GMP-239E25F-VPI   Excellent GMP-TH30/25F-VPI   DD  
CH Xitamiz Moltaz 5/15/2004 CHIC GRP- 169 Penn Hip         .32 .32 GMP-TH14/20M-PI Clear DNA DD GMP-CA19/20M/P-PI